The Route Charlemagne leads you to the most important places in the City of Aachen, telling stories and legends and recounting the history of Aachen as a European city and a city of science. Each station on the Route Charlemagne deals with a theme that is as relevant to our times as it was to Charlemagne‘s. And each station is an outstanding work of architecture. The central starting point of the route will be the Centre Charlemagne, scheduled to open in 2014. There, the story of Charlemagne and of Aachen begins, and from there you follow your own individual path along the route. The Town Hall for instance is the station of Might. The Cathedral represents Religion. The Super C stands for Science.

The Couven Museum represents the topic of Economy and upper middle-class interior decor and lifestyle in the 18th and 19th cen­turies.

The route is named after Charlemagne, who built his favourite seat of government in Aachen around 800 AD – as the centre of an empire stretching over vast areas of continental Europe.

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