For blind and partially-sighted visitors

The Couven Museum at the Hühnermarkt offers regular guided tours for blind and partially-sighted people. Trained members of staff lead the visitors on a lively tour through the museum that provides them with a range of interesting sensory impressions. Because the number of participants is limited, please book in advance by phone under + 49 241 47980-20 or email to DAdmission free. For current dates, see our Calendar.


Das Museum bleibt bis
Oktober 2019 geschlossen.


Couven Museum
Hühnermarkt 17
52062 Aachen
Tel. + 49 241 432-4421
Fax +49 241 432-4959

Bis einschl. 21 J. EINTRITT FREI!

Dienstag bis Sonntag, 10 bis 17 Uhr

Station „Lebenskultur“ der Route Charlemagne

Route Charlemagne