Hans Schaffraths Blick ins Couven-Museum - Foto: Anne Gold

This painting by Hans Schaffrath shows the magnificent salon of the cloth trader family Fey in the old Couven Museum on Seilgraben. The house was completely destroyed in the Second World War. The Aachen painter and illustrator Hans Schaffrath, active during the first half of the 20th century, specialised in interiors of churches, hotels and salons.In late 2011, the NDR TV programme drew attention to the painting, which was in the possession of Jutta Geisler from Ihlienworth. Since the painting was presented in the programme on 26.02.2012, the Couven-Museum, with the support of the Museum Association and the Sparkasse Aachen, has acquired it for its collection.

The painting now hangs in the stairwell along with old photographs that show the old Couven Museum destroyed in the war. Schaffrath’s work documents the former splendour of the old museum’s interior.