The Couven Museum’s collection includes a cabinet from the 18th century that has always displayed a doll and numerous dolls‘ clothes and accessories from the Biedermeier period. The cabinet is, accordingly, known as the „Doll’s Cabinet“.

Unfortunately, the exhibit was not in the best of conditions, until a group of students from the Institute of Conservation Sciences at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, led by Prof. Dr. Annemarie Stauffer, took on the precious old textiles. All the doll’s clothes, shirts, skirts, trouser and aprons were restored. The conservators carefully repaired and cleaned the exhibits and prepared them for renewed presentation. The doll’s clothes come from the Biedermeier period, around 1840/50, and probably belonged to an aristocratic family.

The restoration project „Doll’s Cabinet in the Couven Museum“ was completed in 2009. Today, the famous cabinet is on display again for all to see – on request also as part of the Sunday guided tours, which start every Sunday at 11.15 am.