Would you like to hire rooms or get married in the Couven Museum?

Hiring rooms

You can hire the Couven Museum for weddings and other special celebrations. The Couven Museum’s Banqueting Hall has room for up to 70 guests.

www.locations-aachen.de or Tel. +49 241 432-4999 (Call Aachen,
Mon – Fri  7 am –  6 pm)

Getting married in the Couven Museum

Would you like to get married in a really stylish setting?
The Couven Museum is available for hire.
For more details see: Getting married in Aachen



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52062 Aachen
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Fax +49 241 432-4959

Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm

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Route Charlemagne

The House

From Coebergh's home to today's museum