Entrance and Waiting Room

The narrow antechamber to the „Green Hall“ opens via a single winged door with a supraport from the „Kerstenscher Pavillon“. Amidst the rich carving of the frame there is a buxom beauty with bare breasts, a pearl tiara in her blonde hair and an arrow in her left hand.

The antechamber is decorated with pleasing Rococo paintings. In dainty ornamental cartouches with garlands of flowers we see a woman in a pastoral costume with a basket in front of a tower and a village in the background; a shepherd with his animals; a woman riding on an ox and another shepherd with two sheep and a goat in front of a tower of uncertain architecture. The flamboyant garlands and the uniform colouring certify that the production was carried out in one studio which, however, because of the typified design of the beloved Rococo theme, cannot be further determined. As with the other canvas paintings in the Couven Museum, this type of painting served as a wall-hanging decoration. Such large formats that fill the room with pleasing themes not only gave the illusion of an optical enlargement of the room, but also a stately interior as with the tapestries in baronial houses.

The glass cabinet is from the Aachen region and can be dated to the late 18th century; compared to the older pieces of the furniture collection, the language of form is clearly more stylised. The expressive Rocaille carving, so typical of the Aachen art of furniture around 1750/60, is later lost to flat, symmetrical and reduced ornaments.