(landscape room)

The landscape room takes its name from the canvas painting from the 18th century that encircles the entire room. As with the other large paintings, the landscapes were acquired for the Couven- Museum from the Netherlands and Belgium and fitted into the rooms. Albeit that the situation today does not fulfil the original conditions, the observer is still presented with an impressive panorama view of a typical Dutch landscape.

On the left side the depiction of rural life begins with a girl and a dog at a bridge, where a curricle is approaching; meanwhile on the bank, cows are grazing in front of a farm with a hay wagon and horses. In the next scene a wagon loaded with goods comes into sight accompanied by someone carrying panniers. In the background a woman carrying a basket on her head takes the path leading into the forest. The next story tells of incidents at the river. One can recognise various ships, a sailing boat, a ferry transporting a coach over the river. The following scene reminds us of the motif the „Flight out of Egypt“: a man and his female companion riding on a donkey cross over the small bridge above a waterfall. On the other bank we can recognise a shepherd with his sheep and a dog. In the next picture two elegant gentlemen are looking at a signpost at the river, in the background two riders reach a guesthouse higher up on the bank. The last painting shows ramblers resting at the wayside where a girl with a basket passes by. In the background a dog picks up the scent at the coach-tracks on the way that leads to the village. While at the river the fishermen spread out their trawling nets on the bank between their boat and a boy, we can recognise a group having a picnic in the background.